A shower might seem straightforward, but there is more to it than just standing under the water. How you take your shower can have a huge impact on your day, and what you put in the shower caddy can have an even bigger impact. From shampoo to body wash to conditioner and even soap, here are all of the items you should be keeping in your shower caddy for optimal relaxation.


The shampoo is essential to have in the shower caddy. It smells great, and it will clean your hair so that you feel refreshed after washing it. The shampoo is so important to have in the shower because you cannot clean your hair very well without it. When you take a shower, you need to wash your hair so that it is clean and shiny. Your skin can be clean without shampoo, but your hair cannot.

Body Wash:

Body washes have come a long way from the days of using a bar of soap, and there are many different styles to use while in the shower. Not only do they smell great, but they also clean the skin better than you could ever do with just a bar of soap. The best body washes are not only clean for you, but they also condition the skin, leaving it silky smooth and moisturized for hours after your shower.


The shampoo is great for cleaning your hair, but it does not do a great job of conditioning it. This is where the conditioner comes in. Conditioners are designed to make your hair softer and shinier, and as a result, they also make your hair healthier. Using conditioner in the shower is a great way to treat yourself every time you take a shower, and no one likes having unhealthy or unkempt hair. Using a conditioner can help with your hair, and it is also a much better alternative than using store-bought hair spray that leaves a messy residue on your towel.

Personal Fragrance:

A few years ago, perfumes were full of chemicals and were not very good for the body or the environment. Now they are made with natural products that smell just as great but better for you. Some personal fragrances have been known to be good for the skin, making them even more alluring. Using unique fragrances in the shower is a great way to relax, and it makes you smell clean and fresh for the rest of your day.


You might wonder why soap is on this list when it is easy to use any soap you would like from the store. Soap should be one of the things in a shower caddy because it will be much more helpful if you keep some in there. Not only are some soaps the kind you would use in the shower, but they are also the kind you would use to wash your hands. 

Hair Elastics:

You might want to keep hair elastics in your shower caddy because they will have a million uses for you. If you are going swimming or jogging after your shower, it is a great idea to keep some in your caddy, while if you have long hair and want to ensure that it stays out of your face as much as possible, they can help. They are also great to have around if you do not use a hairdryer every day and want to hold back your hair after rinsing it with water.


A lot of people like to put toothpaste in the shower as well. This is so important because many people who use it will become very fond of it. It is also very affordable compared to other types of body care products. There are many different toothpaste brands out there, and you can choose whatever you want from them.

These are some of the best things that everyone should have in their shower caddy for optimal relaxation. You will not be able to relax unless you get everything on this list fully, so make sure that you do.

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There are so many things that you can do in the shower to make your time a little more relaxing for yourself. Even though it is not very long, and you will want to make the most of it. Get everything you need in the shower caddy, and have a nice day every time you take a shower.