A shower caddy is a wire basket installed over the showerhead or on the bathroom wall. The purpose of shower caddies is to remove clutter from the floor, making it much easier to clean up after your bath or shower.

Installation of a Shower Caddy

The first step in installing your shower caddy is to decide where you want it positioned. Some shower caddies can attach to the showerhead, while others can be moved around to different locations. So, the first things you should consider are your needs and space in your bathroom. If you want to install your shower caddy on the wall, you need to make sure it can be mounted easily. Most shower caddies are very simple to install. By lifting the shower caddy to place it, there should be no problem installing it on the wall. Just follow the steps as listed below:

  1. Remove the existing screw and drill holes where needed for mounting screws.
  2. Put the screws through the holes and tighten them until you can no longer turn them.
  3. Slide the shower caddy onto the screws and push it down to ensure that it is mounted securely on the wall.

Things to Put Into the Shower Caddy

You can use shower caddies to hold many different things. So, before you put anything into the shower caddy, take a couple of minutes to consider what would be most valuable and convenient. Although you can store just about anything in a shower caddy, things that you should never put into the shower caddy include soap, shampoo, and any other product that cannot withstand water. Soap is made up of fat. And when fat is exposed to water for too long, it can begin to break down, forming soap scum. Soap scum sticks very well to the shower walls and can be very difficult to remove altogether. So, never put soap into the shower caddy. Instead, hang it in the shower.

Also, never put in any other product that can’t stand up to water and moisture. Things like toothbrushes and makeup should be placed in a cup with a lid to avoid getting wet. It is also a good idea to place all your cosmetics in a sealed cup so they won’t spill when you use them later. Also, you will want to put anything breakable into the shower caddy that can be broken if it is dropped. Such things include soap or shampoo bottles that are not sturdy.

Shower Caddies Optimum Usage:

Shower caddies can be used for a wide range of purposes. But if you want to get the most out of your shower caddy, make sure that you don’t just put things in it and then forget about them. Just remember that by putting everything in the shower caddy, you will be able to keep your bathroom free of clutter and easier to clean. So always try to remember what is in the shower caddy every time you use it.

The Durability of Shower Caddies

Most of the time, shower caddies are very durable and can last a long time, and hold a lot of weight. However, if you want to get the most out of your shower caddy, make sure that you look after it properly. One common cause of damage is people getting their hands wet while cleaning it. Some people fail to do this and end up damaging their shower caddy. Make sure that you get a towel for keeping your hands dry when you clean your shower caddy. Also, check that your shower caddy is tightened every time you use it. If it isn’t correctly tight, the shelf can become loose, and the items on the shelf will fall. Overall, if you look after a shower caddy properly and make sure that all the parts are in place, there shouldn’t be any problems for a long time.

Can Shower Caddies Be Recycled?

It is unlikely that a shower caddy can be recycled. You can’t recycle most of the shower caddy parts because they are cut off and burnt before the machine is dismantled. However, if you still want to recycle your shower caddy, you will need to send it to an approved recycling company to dispose of the remaining materials. If you would like to recycle your shower caddy yourself, you will need to contact a company that handles the recycling of these products. The cost of sending them to a recycling company will vary according to how many units there are in the shower caddy and whether they are newer or older.

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With the above information, there should be no problem for you to install your shower caddy. Keep in mind that shower caddies can be used for many different purposes. And by keeping your bathroom tidy, you will always know where things are and be able to organize your bathroom so you can clean up much faster after each use. So keep your bathroom clean and tidy by installing one of the shower caddies available today. And enjoy the convenience of having everything at hand whenever you need it.