Damp, rusty showers are a common nuisance. There is no better way to prevent corrosion than applying a coating of oil to your shower caddy. Below is how you can preserve that rusty metal and keep it looking fresh for years to come.

This article will teach you step-by-step how to prevent and reverse rust on your shower caddy.

The First Layer: Covering Rusty Metal Hardening the First Layer: 

Step 1: Pick an Oil. Some people like to use baby oil. However, given its high corrosion resistance, petroleum jelly is a much better choice. Petroleum jelly has a low melting point, which is perfect for preventing rust from taking hold. It can be found at every supermarket and local hardware store.

Step 2: Apply the Petroleum Jelly Ensure that you apply this oil evenly across the space between the two metal pieces. The shower caddy will not become covered in petroleum jelly, but it will have some on the tip of the metal sheets.

Step 3: The oil should start to dry within a day or two. It is recommended that you apply the oil before showering so that it doesn’t interfere with your shower.

Step 4: Repeat a Few Days Later. Once the oil has dried completely and has hardened, simply reapply it if needed. If you want thicker protection, then reapply more oil. Some people have even put down several layers of petroleum jelly to prevent rust from taking hold for a more extended time.

The Second Layer: Prevention of rust on a Shower Caddy  

The second layer will prevent rust from building up. It is important that any oil applied in layer one is wholly dried and hardened before applying the second layer.

Step 1: Get your rusty metal piece and take off the top part by removing the screws or other fasteners holding this side in place. This piece will end up serving as a flat surface for applying oil later on.

Step 2: Cover the Surface with Oil Ensure that you apply this oil evenly across the surface of the metal. This oil shouldn’t be visible on the surface. But it should be wet enough to prevent rust from taking hold.

Step 3: Let Dry for a Few Days This layer will also take a couple of days to dry. You might want to apply some pressure to ensure that all of the oil has sucked into the metal and become dried. Just wait until your piece dries entirely.

The Third Layer: 

The third layer will prevent rust from spreading through the metal. It is important that any oil applied in layers 2 and 3 is completely dried and hardened before you can put down the next layer.

Step 1: Apply Several Layers of Oil Let’s say you are using three layers of oil. You can use the same process as done in previous layers.

Step 2: Let Dry Again Wait until your piece is completely dry. At this point, you should have a layer of rust protection.

The Fourth Layer: 

If you have covered your metal with petroleum jelly/oil, you will want to remove the rust and oil built up. This will allow you to reapply the oil and prevent further rust from building up.

Step 1: Get Rid of the Petroleum Jelly. Break off the petroleum jelly by scratching at it with your hands. Just pull it off and discard it. The petroleum jelly should be yellow and crumbly.

Step 2: Use a Cleaner Once the petroleum jelly is gone, you will want to use some cleaner to remove any residue that the petroleum jelly has left.

Step 3: Get Rid of More Oil From Your Metal Once you have cleaned the surface, you can start removing rust using a wire brush or hammer. Pry off all of the rust from the metal sheet. This will allow the next layer to stick better to the metal sheet.

Step 4: Reapply the Oil The next step will be to apply oil again. Apply several drops and use a clean cloth to wipe it all over the metal. Use enough oil so that it does not leave any streaks of rust on the metal surface.

Step 5: Let Dry Again After cleaning, reapplying oil, and wiping it all over, you can now finally let your metal dry. It should take several days for the oil to completely dry and become hardened.

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This guide has taught you everything you need to know to prevent rust on your shower caddy. Even if you use just two or three coats of petroleum jelly, the protection will last for years. But if you’d like to make your shower caddy rust-proof and keep the metal looking new for longer, then you should follow this article on how to make a rusty shower caddy look beautiful.