A shower caddy is one of those things that you don’t realize how much you need until the time comes. And then, when it’s too late, you really start to feel the pain when your caddy falls over and breaks all of your shampoo bottles. Save yourself from this horror show by following these simple rules for keeping your shower caddy in place!

Use Binder Clip:

Binder clips can be a great help for keeping your caddy secure. Just place the binder clip at the top of the back of your caddy. The clip will keep it from sliding down and falling over. This is great for when you have your caddy filled up as well. The clip will keep it from tipping over and spilling all over your bathroom floor.

Use Double-Sided Tape:

One way to make sure that your caddy does not fall is with double-sided tape. There are a couple of different types you can use, but one of the most common is Velcro tape. It adheres to most surfaces and has a great grip on it. Just stick it on the bottom of your caddy and then stick it down on the floor or sidewall in your shower.

Use Command Hooks:

Another great way to hang your caddy from the walls in your shower is with command hooks. They are strong enough to hold up large and heavy items such as a shower caddy. Just attach them to your wall and then hook them up to your caddy.

Use Suction Cups:

A great way to secure your shower caddy is with suction cups. They are usually made of metal and have a little hoop that you stick on the wall or any other hard surface. It just needs to be large enough so that it can hold a full-sized caddy. There are also many different sizes, shapes, and styles of suction cups you can use for a shower caddy.

Add Some Hooks:

Next, choose a place where the hooks are tightly secured to the wall. Attach them on the bottom side of the caddy, so it does not slip off easily when you get in or out of the shower. Depending on how many towels you have, you might add extra shelves to your caddy.  

Use Velcro:

Velcro is another great way to keep your shower caddy from falling over. When you place the Velcro on the back of your caddy, it will keep it from sliding down and tipping over. It will also help to keep it from falling over when you’re using your caddy.

Use a Rod:

If you still do not want to use any of the above methods, then you can always use the one that has been around for quite some time and has worked with many people. Use a rod and hang it on the wall. This should be able to hold up your shower caddy just fine and is a very simple method. The only thing you need to worry about when doing this is over-tightening it so that it breaks the rod.

There are many ways of keeping a shower caddy in place, but the most important is to use the ones that have suction cups. They are the best of all because if you ever have a problem with them, they do not break easily, and it will not take very long to pull them off.

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There are many different ways that you can keep your shower caddy from falling all over the place. If you follow the steps and rules given to you in this article, you will be able to keep everything hanging where it should be. With the use of a shower caddy, you will find yourself saving quite a bit of money over time on soap and shampoo bottles that are constantly breaking before their time.